Pantene X Ribbon of Strength


In October 2018, Pantene launched the Pantene Ribbon of Strength – a mammoth integrated campaign, drawing on both PR and social media. We were tasked with building a social campaign that increases favourability, desirability and brand consideration among young Australian women. This was achieved with the creation of a tailor-made integrated social and influencer strategy targeted to young audiences.


Pantene was perceived by a young audience to be “their mother’s brand” and was struggling to update its product formulation or brand purpose to the changing expectations and desires of younger audiences.


We stepped in with our ribbons of expertise. Partnering with high-profile athletes such as Ellie Carpenter and Ellie Cole, we launched the Pantene Ribbon of Strength.

Gold ribbons were distributed nationwide to be worn in braids that feature inspiring messages from some of Australia’s top female athletes. These ribbons aimed to encourage greater participation in sports and inspire greater confidence among Australian women.


From TV screens, and social posts to ribbon ordering, the results were off the charts:

  • We distributed 1,700 ribbons and samples nationally. Till this day, Pantene still receives DMs from eager young sportsters for the gold ribbon
  • Achieved a potential reach of 1 million through influencer engagement.
  • 2.5 million video views saw a 44.8% lift in brand favourability
  • Pantene saw a 33% lift in brand consideration among females age 18-34 years old, the key demographic.
  • 315 pieces of media coverage with over 110 million Reach, meaning
    Australians heard about the campaign more than 4 times.

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